Hi! My name is Eva and I’m just a girl from Vancouver who likes to get her craft on.

With so much inspiration around it’s hard to resist making cool stuff.

Five things you probably don’t know about me.

  1. I used to be called Nature Eva in school because of my love for nature, there’s even a comic strip out there about me!
  2. I’ve bungee- jumped 3 times, para-glided over Mt.Blanc’s glaciers and took the sky-diving plunge in New Zealand.
  3. I’ve been black water rafting…look it up! Real cool.
  4. I lived in a refugee camp in Austria for a year before becoming a Canadian citizen! Love this country.
  5. I love to organize and decorate spaces.

I’m surrounded by amazing friends, family and married to a pretty cool guy. Life is beautiful!



Hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to get your craft on too.