Fabric Bowls

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I always look forward to craft Friday with my dear friend Holly. It gives us a chance to catch-up on life, crafts and projects we’ve been working on. The seed for the fabric bowls was planted by the amazing environmental lifestyle expert, Danny Seo. Check out his version of DIY fabric bowls¬†from the Nate Berkus Show.

Supplies: Fabric (cotton works best), mod podge, bowls of any size, scissors, plasic wrap and a foam brush.


Step 1 – Cover your bowl in plastic wrap and cut your fabric into small pieces (there’s no rhyme or reason to this, just make sure you cover the outside of the bowl with fabric).

Step 2 – Glue each piece of fabric to the bowl, pattern side down with mode podge, be generous you want the fabric to be completely soaked.


Step 3 – Once the glue is dry, pull the fabric bowl off so that the fabrics pattern is on the outside of the bowl. There flexible and easy to work with so it’s not hard to do.

Step 4 – Paint the inside of your bowl.


The finished product, cute little bowls to use for your treasures. Note: Don’t use these for food.




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